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  • Communication

    eHotline is the new way for improving communication. Using a web based domain to have one gateway for all your connections.

  • Connectivity

    eHotline is a connectivity service that allows businesses to have one access-point contacts, making it easier for clients to reach their service provider in the quickest possible time.

  • Transformation

    eHotline transforms voice technology used on traditional hotline service to data service providing a more profound customer experience.

  • Unique Number

    eHotline provides you with a unique number that is easy to remember by your clients.



Fast, reliable method of communication.


Easy to use.

Customer Engagement

One point of customer engagement using browser.


Accuracy of data in order for client to reach the business.

Minimize Risk

Minimize risk of losing clients.


Increase social fans, followers, and subscribers.


After sales service.


Technical support.


Customer service.


  • Unique contact point (One Gateway with unlimited information ).
  • Mobile optimized solution (Click call, Click mail, GPS maps, VIOP, Chat).
  • Compatible with all devices and systems.
  • Multilingual friendly user interface.
  • Easy to remember, access, and recommend.
  • Local and International access.
  • Fast launch / friendly user interface.
  • High level of security ensuring the accuracy of your data.
  • Easy to update data.
  • No need to install / download updates.
  • Visual and classified menus.
  • Lowest consumption of internet packages.
  • Highest download speed.
  • Google analytics (providing full analysis of users' behavior).


Your eHotline will provide direct links to your:

  • Landline telephones, mobile phones and SMS (classified).
  • Official website, internet links, and emails.
  • Official social media communications.
  • Official mobile apps download.
  • Direct chat communication through WhatsApp.
  • Locations and directions to head-office and all branches,Promotions.